Stunning Designs In Vancouver, BC


Our owner Bradley Lang was always interested in culture, the arts, fashion, and film and television. However, architecture and interior design have always been his greatest love. Over the course of the last 3 decades he always returned to interior design despite a wide variety of occupations.  He finally realized a lifelong dream in 2009 of officially starting his design business and opening Bradley's Interiors. He spent the next several years reinventing stunning residential and commercial spaces before expanding into the film and television world.

Interior Design & Film/Television

In 2016, his broad knowledge of interior design eras and styles, combined with an elevated level of taste, caught the attention of a dynamic duo of talented Set Decorators in the film industry. That's when he began merging his greatest loves, interior design, and film/television.

Inspiration for Designing & Decorating

Bradley grew up travelling around the world from a very early age and found inspiration in its beauty very early on. Educational courses in mixed media, art history, medieval literature, architecture, advertising, psychology and interior design have all come together to inspire a world view unlike most others. His love for all things west coast, from the Ocean to the Mountains to the Rainforests provide a sense of underlying calm to his designs. Bradley now calls the West End of Vancouver, Canada home and uses those inspirations to produce unique styles and designs for residential, commercial and film set projects.

Wide Variety of Unique Designs

At Bradley's Interiors, we create a wide variety of unique designs for your individual needs on each of your projects. Our goal is to evoke an emotional response within the hearts of our customers through our work. View our portfolio and know that our work speaks for itself.

Bradley's Interiors